Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rafael Ramírez announces that the “extreme right” is sabotaging the oil industry

Rafael Ramírez, President of Petroleos deVenezuela (PDVSA), announced that a recent fire in the Paraguaná oil refinery was caused by “direct sabotage.” Ramírez declared that “we had a meeting state security agency because we have detected that there has been direct sabotage in the recent events. (…) There are sectors of the extreme right associated with violent scenarios that have sabotaged very specific equipment.” Ramírez did not show any proofs of the sabotage nor did he announce if he will be showing them in the future.

President Nicolas Maduro backed Ramírez via twitter: “PDVSA has shown that it can beat the evil of the anti-fatherland right.” And “Alert compañeros from PDVSA, these people have plans to harm our [oil] industry and to blame the revolution…”

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