Sunday, April 24, 2016

Eva Golinger: strong possibility Chávez was assassinated

The theory that president Chávez was assassinated by his enemies is receiving renewed attention in recent days. Last week Venezuela’s vice-president Aristóbulo Istúriz said that “Chávez had become a target that had to be eliminated.” Istúriz admitted he could not prove that Chávez had been assassinated, but that he has a “strong moral conviction” that he was.

Eva Golinger, author of The Chávez Code, shares that conviction. In an interview published by Counterpunch, reposted by Telesur and by RT in Spanish, Golinger claims that Chávez was the target of several assassinations attempts, including a little known radioactive event at a New York university during the president’s visit in 2006. “While these accounts may sound like fiction, they are amply documented and very real,” sais Golinger.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Maduro again claims that the opposition is planning to assassinate him

President Maduro has again claimed that the Venezuelan opposition, “with the help of the United States,” is planning to assassinate him. The plan, according to the president, is part of a wide plot by the United States government in order to stage a “desperate intervention” in Venezuela.

Maduro said yesterday that he will reveal evidence of the plan “in the next hours.”

“We will show evidence of paramilitary camps we have discovered in the State of Miranda,” he said.

According to the news portal Efecto Cocuyo, Maduro, since December 2013, has claimed 24 times that the opposition if planning to assassinate him or to stage a coup against his government.