Sunday, March 19, 2017

Counter-revolutionary traitors and reformists tendencies

This past week president Maduro has been constantly warning his followers to be on the lookout for “internal critics” with “reformist tendencies” within the revolution, backed by the CIA, who will soon attack his government.

On Tuesday 14, Maduro said that “there is a group of traitors, who were once part of the Bolivarian Revolution, some reside today in the United States, but others are right here, sowing division inside the revolutionary movement. Soon I will show the evidence of this group of traitor and how they have been working for the CIA.”

He explicitly named Rafael Isea, ex-governor of Aragua who defected in 2013 and is said to be cooperating with the DEA in the United States, as one of the “open traitors”. “Everyone knows that he (Isea) works in Washington for the CIA, which is something I’m very sorry for, because I once was his friend,” lamented Maduro.

On Saturday 18 he insisted in his warning to be on the lookout for these reformist traitors who plan to stab him in the back:  “Rightists-reformist tendencies have emerged around here, some of these tendencies are being spearheaded by open traitors backed by market advisors, and a lot of money is behind this. Be on the alert! Be on the alert chavistas! Be on the alert bolivariano, new-style traitors want to stab Maduro in the back in order to push for a reformist project and to hand over the Bolivarian Revolution to international capitalism. Don’t let them do it… I won’t let them do it. We will unmask them, we will go forward in our revolutionary path, the path Comandante Chávez left for us. Be on the alert! Alert with the traitors.”