Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Luis Fuenmayor Toro, Venezuelan Holocaust Denier

“The inexistence of the Holocaust is more than documented. You only need to read Rassinier’s “The Lie of Ulysses”, Hoggan’s “The Myth of the Six Million”, and the book by Ilan Pappe to know this. A holocaust is what we have today, live, in Palestine.” Wrote on Twitter Luis Fuenmayor Toro (@LFuenmayorToro) on January 22.

Fuenmayor (read his autobiographical note here), a medical surgeon, was Rector of the Universidad Central de Venezuela from 1988 to 1992. A Chávez supporter he was Director of the Venezuelan universities coordinating agency OPSU, and Minister for Higher Education from 2002 to 2004. He later fell out with chavismo and is now a critic of the Maduro government.

Fuenmayor has insisted on his position while answering his critics via Twitter. Told that “there are many documents [about the Holocaust],” he answered:

“Precisely, what we don’t have is documents that prove what they say. What we have are movies, videos, hoaxes [montajes], which were later discovered and denounced by diverse people. Lech Walesa is no communist and he was very clear [when he spoke] in the most emblematic concentration camp.”

In the same Twitter line, Fuenmayor blames the “financial and propaganda power of the Zionist entity called Israel” for the many answers (cayapa) he has been receiving, as well as for the phone threats he claims to have received after he posted his comment.