Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Teorías de la Conspiración en Cinco8

Gracias a una de mis páginas favoritas, Cinco8, por publicar mi ensayo “Nada mejor para desmovilizarnos que una teoría conspiratoria”. Ahí exploro una de las premisas de este blog: no es tan importante que las teorías de la conspiración sean falsas o no (de hecho la “verdad” no puede ser lo que define a una teoría como “de la conspiración”), sino las consecuencias que tiene creer o no que tales teorías sean verdad.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The Parliament Coup was a Maduro-Guaidó Show

On January 5 the National Assembly was to meet for its first 2020 session. The assembly was to vote for its President. Juan Guaidó was believed to have secured the votes of most opposition fractions for his re-election, although the small radical block of the Maria Corina Machado’s Vente Venezuela party (Fracción 16 de Julio) had declared it would abstain.

Guaidó, and most opposition lawmakers, were not allowed to enter the Legislative Palace by the Bolivarian National Guard. Inside congress, the minority PSUV block, together with 13 opposition representatives, and without even assessing if they had the legal quorum needed, hastily elected Luis Parra, an opposition parliamentarian accused of corruption and formally expelled from his party Primero Justicia, as the new President of the National Assembly. Guaidó, and the parliamentarians who support him, met at the nearby headquarters of the El Nacional newspaper, and held a parallel vote re-electing Guaidó as president.

One positive aspect of this parliamentary coup by the Maduro government is that it again –briefly –united most of the opposition parties behind one leadership: instead of abstaining, the radical 16 de Julio fraction voted for Guaidó.

Twitter influencer Ángel García Banchs (@garciabanchs) disagrees with the 16 de Julio fraction and its decision to back Guaidó. He claims he still believes these radical opposition representatives are “honest”, but that they have been fooled by a show staged by the Maduro government, and by Guaidó and this “collaborationist” opposition.

García Banchs is convinced that the only solution to the Venezuelan crisis is an international military intervention, followed by a purifying civil war, which would “clean” Venezuela not only of chavismo, but of the “collaborationist” and “socialist” opposition. The conflict would end with a “republican Dictatorship” which would ensure the Rule of Law, sweep “socialism” from Venezuelan politics, and produce the “first economic miracle of the Twenty-first Century.” García Banchs claims to be a republican in the classical European term, not a democrat, as democracy leads to a fundamental lack of individual and economic freedom.

Guaidó has been, according to García Banchs, unwilling to grasp this simple truth and has not unequivocally asked President Trump to militarily intervene in Venezuela. His conclusion is that Guaidó is not really an opposition leader but a government agent, funded through Bolivarian corruption schemes.

García Banchs therefore seems to agree to an extent with the government’s version of the January 5 events: Guaidó staged a show by pretending to enter the Legislative Palace, but he really didn’t want to get in. The government claims it is because Guaidó did not have enough votes for his re-election, García Banchs thinks it’s because he is in cahoots with the government. The influencer is upset that the 16 de Julio fraction fell for this “obvious” trick and voted for Guaidó.

As events unfolded on January 5 and Guiadó was still “trying” to enter Congress, García Banchs posted on Twitter:

The bobolongo [the fool, Guaidó] has no idea of the regime he is facing. Or is it that he is not really facing it? It is not a dictatorship. It is a narco-tyranny with an international criminal gang.

What a farce [payasada]! What a shame with Venezuelans and with the whole planet. What do these shows have to do with the lack of determination by “politicians” to ask for international military aid to remove the narco-regime?

As other Twitter users claimed that events in the Legislative Palace where the actions of a dictatorship, García Banchs felt the need to make some important terminological distinctions:

Dictatorship is the reestablishment of the Republic (Rule of Law). Therefore this [the Maduro government] is not a Dictatorship. It is a tyranny of narcos, led by an international criminal gang.

I strongly condemn the show by Luis Parra, the National Assembly, Guaidó, Maduro, and the rest of the delinquent Venezuelan politicians. They are all crooks and this is all a show.

Later, as The National Assembly convened at the El Nacional and re-elected Guaidó as its President, García Banchs commented on the 16 de Julio block:

The @fraccionAN16J, which is formed by honest representatives, has today made a grave mistake by supporting Guaidó, who is known to collaborate with the narco-regime. They still are honest deputies, but they are honest and mistaken.

The @fraccionAN16J should have taken the opportunity and explained to the world the impossibility of having a National Power today in Venezuela because of the existence of a narco-tyranny and, from exile, explained the need for a foreign military intervention in favour of the Venezuelan nation.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Terrorist Opposition Plot Revealed by Rodríguez and Maduro

In a confusing incident on the night December 13, agents of the Military Counterintelligence General Division (Dgcim) showed up at the Caracas residence of the National Assembly opposition representative Yanet Fermin. Fermin said the officers had told her they had a “search and citation” order, but refused to show it to her. Opposition leader and Interim President named by the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, and several other opposition deputies rushed to Fermin’s residence made declarations and filmed videos of the procedure. The Dgcim agents left after lawyers insisted they could not take Fermin without showing the alleged citation order.

On the 14th Communication and Information Minister, Jorge Rodríguez, declared in a press conference that the botched attempt to arrest deputy Fermin was part of the government’s efforts to “disarticulate” a terrorist cell formed by two opposition party Voluntad Popular militants (Yanet Fermín and Fernando Orozco) and lead by opposition leaders Leopoldo López and Juan Guaidó, all under the command of Colombian President Iván Duque.

According to Rodríguez, the terrorist cell would try to “take over” two National Guard headquarters in the city of Cumaná, Sucre state, and generate a “blood bath”. The government’s source, said Rodriguez, is a police officer named Sixto José Salamanca Jiménez, who is under arrest and “collaborating with the investigations”. Salamanca, according to Rodríguez, was recruited by Fernando Orozco (like Fermín, a National Assembly representative of the opposition Voluntad Popular party) to bring, “in a secret operation”, 30 assault rifles from Bogotá and to distribute them in the states of Sucre, Zulia, Táchira, Barinas, Aragua and the Federal District (Caracas).

The aim of this plot would not be to directly topple the government however, said Rodríguez, but to divert public opinion from recent corruption cases in the National Assembly and thus restore Guidós popularity.

Later, Nicolás Maduro also spoke of the plot. However, instead of the Colombian government as revealed by Rodríguez, Maduro claimed the “United States” is the real mastermind behind the conspiracy: “We have initiated the dismantling and the capture of a group led by the United States which attempted to generate violence in Venezuela, so they can tell the world that Venezuela is at war. Fortunately, thanks to the work of patriots, we have completely dismantled this conspiracy.” 

Friday, November 29, 2019

47 Plots against the Air Force

The Venezuelan Air Force has 22 Sukhoi fighter planes. The planes were on the news yesterday because ruling PSUV leader Freddy Bernal told the Spanish paper ABC that the Sukhoi are capable of bombing Bogotá and returning to Venezuelan bases in three minutes.

“I believe Colombia’s president, Iván Duque, is a poor character, without criteria for government, who has become a mere assistant to Álvaro Uribe Vélez. They [the Colombian government] thought that if they threatened us, we would be intimidated, we would hide. But when we moved 10,000 men and women to the border, when we activated our defense mechanisms, the militia, when we moved our Sukhoi planes, which have the capacity to take off from a base in the city of Barquisimeto [Venezuela], bomb the Nariño Palace [Colombia presidential palace in Bogota], and return to their base in only three minutes, they thought twice, because we want peace, but we are ready for war,” Bernal told ABC.

Also yesterday, Nicolás Maduro told Air Force officers that his government has “detected and dismantled” 47 conspiracies against “Venezuela’s air defense system.”

“My recognition to you [Air Force officers], because the morals of the Bolivarian revolution has defeated all these crazy plots. You should know that we have detected 47 plots, many were directed against the Bolivarian Military Air Force, specifically against the Sukoi system, [the plots] were funded with dollars from Colombia,” said Maduro.

He added that all these conspiracies have been defeated: “One by one we have cancelled and eradicated these plots, but I tell you we must be on a high moral guard in order to defeat this madness and these plots.”

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Bolivia: It’s a US Coup

Vice-president of Venezuela’s ruling party (PSUV) and President of the pro-government National Constituent Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, said yesterday that what has happened in Bolivia is coup d’état orchestrated by the United States. “The government of the United States is not only involved, it is directing the coup d’état against Evo Morales,” said Cabello.

Cabello has therefore called for a national mobilization of Chavista followers to take place on November 16, the same day the opposition has called for mobilizations against Maduro. “The PSUV is on a revolutionary mobilization alert and we are activating all the street, communities, and national leadership mechanisms. Tomorrow [November 12] there will be a great demonstration by our afro-descendant brothers, to which we are now adding the struggle against fascism. […] Every conspiracy form the right must be answered with more revolutions. They know it, that’s why we are waiting for them the 16 [November], we will meet them here.” explained Cabello.