Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Coup d’état plans for today

The coup d’état predicted by the Venezuelan government for September 1 failed to materialized. Government officials claim this is because they have averted the coup by arresting several opposition leaders and dismantling what it says were “paramilitary camps” with links to the opposition.

Coup plans are still active and adapting to circumstances, according to officials. The opposition has called for new nationwide protests for today to push for a recall referendum against president Maduro. Opposition followers are to gather in front of regional offices of the elections ruling body CNE until 2:00pm and then disperse peacefully. The government is again claiming that the protest is part of a coup d’état plan by the opposition.

The head of the intelligence police SEBIN, Gustavo González López, says that today’s coup attempt is part of a plot denominated “Plan 7S.”

The opposition leaders arrested before September 1, Selson Guarate, Daniel Ceballos, Carlos Melo, Yon Goicochea, and Lester Toledo (still not arrested), were named by González López as leaders of the “conspiracy plans and terrorist acts” for September 1, but that would be “reedited” today. Also, according to González López, part of the plot is ex-president of Colombia, Álvaro Uribe.

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