Monday, January 27, 2014

Ultra-right pays criminal gangs with drugs to generate violence

Addressing followers yesterday at the Avenida Bolivar in Caracas, President Maduro repeated his theory that the media, and not the government, is to blame for the citizen’s insecurity in Venezuela: “Let us look at the real and deep causes that have generated the proliferation of criminal violence and how this violence has been turned into a spectacle by the tabloid press and by the whole show culture of Hollywood.” He stressed that “this is a central element because it is a causal element. It generates a counter values, anti-human, culture that becomes socialized and then becomes something we all practice.”

But he also proposed a different theory that puts the blame on the “ultra-right”. Maduro said he has informations that his recent “Pacification Plan” could be sabotaged by the “dangerous ultra-right” which in the following weeks “is planning to pay some criminal gangs with drugs so that they increase the level of violence and murders and revert the forces of peace that we are lifting up.”  

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Two accused of electric sabotage

According to the daily El Universal, two suspects named Joel Coballes and Gustavo Subero, were arrested in Aragua on January 20 and will be charged with “attempt to sabotage the electric system.”

The two were detained near the San Ignacio energy station in possession of a wrench which, according to the police (SEBIN), “could have been used to dismantle an electrical transformer, a lightning rod, and an electric fuse.”

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It was an inside job

This interesting article by Rafael Guillén Beltre was published by Aporrea on January 3.

It starts by mentioning the “intense debate” generated by the recent piece by the “famed journalist and investigative writer” Eva Golinger, who argues that President Chávez was an objective of the National Security Agency.

But the article by Guillén also states that Edward Snowden is “part of a sinister agenda [by the NSA] to increase the control of the nations of the world.” The way Snowden is part of that agenda is difficult to understand from the article, it seems related to the fact that the revelations made by Snowden are a necessary smokescreen to cover the real sins of the “perverse elite,” which according to Guillén include such things as: “sexual bestiality, participation in criminal mafias for illicit enrichment, assassination orders, evidence of human sacrifice rituals, pedophilia, zoosex, homosexuality, lesbianism, and a long etcetera of horrifying facts.”

Guillén is also convinced that Chávez was assassinated, not by “control remote” as some seem to think, but “with the participation of close collaborators, you have read correctly, he was assassinated by traitors close to him.”

Knowing that he is facing high risks by making these revelations, Guillén shows no fear and challenges the traitor inside the government: “I challenge you! Come and get me you cowards!”

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Military unity against the enemies of the Fatherland

Yesterday in a public meeting with the High Command of the National Bolivarian Armed Forces (FANB), President Maduro emphasized that the FANB should maintain a “unity without any fissures to guarantee the stability of the Fatherland and of the Bolivarian Revolution.” The Agencia Venezolana de Noticias added that this was a petition made by the President “in the wake of possible attacks by the right against the country.”

“The enemy does not rest. The enemies of the Fatherland do not rest and dream of provoking fatigue [of the Revolution], of demoralizing our Fatherland and especially, of provoking fissures and harm to the moral unity, the cohesion, of our Armed Forces,” Maduro declared.

Earlier today (January 14), Maduro also declared that tomorrow he will announce new measures of the “economic offensive” against the economic war he claims is still being waged against the country by “parasitic and speculative capitalism.”

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Maduro: the right is again actively conspiring against the economy

During a national cadena yesterday, President Maduro warned that business unions FEDECAMARAS, CONSECOMERCIO, and VENANCHAM are still actively conspiring against the Venezuelan economy.

“Do not try to affect the economic life,” Maduro warned business owners. “This is something I ask to the top directors of FEDECAMARAS, to Jorge Roy, who is involved in all these [conspiracy] plans. To Mr. Roy, to the president of CONSECOMERCIO, to the director of VENANCHAM: You three are actively conspiring against the Venezuelan economy again. You must cease the conspiracy against the Venezuelan economy!” he declared.

The President also gave details of his objectives in the struggle against the economic war for this year:

“We need to start [the year] strengthening and giving new dynamism to the social model, and then this social model will progressively control the disorders produced by the economic war. At the same time we will correct the disturbances of the economy in the process of production and price fixing.”

Friday, January 3, 2014

Eva Golinger: Did the NSA kill Chávez?

The author of “The Chávez Code,” Eva Golinger argues in an article published January 2, in the pro-government paper Correo del Orinoco, that the National Security Agency could have assassinated President Chávez. Golinger offers the usual conspiracy theorist construction in the form of a “we know they have the capacity to do it, they had the will to do it, then they probably did it” argument, without adding much new evidence to the case.

More interesting are comments by readers in the Correo del Orinoco web page. Being a public, pro-government paper (part of SIBCI), most of the comments accept as a fact that Chávez was assassinated by the Empire. 

Here are some of those comments:

antinvacion said:

Of course they killed our Chávez, of course the US government [killed him] using one of its terrorist appendix, as has been proved in multiple occasions: the Pentagon, the CIA, etc. That is its modus operandi. There are many examples: JFK, Allende, Gadafi, and a really long list.

Prometeo said:

The Roman imperialist and their Jewish lackeys assassinated Christ, and that is how Christianity was originated, which undermined the Roman Empire until it extinguished it, and this produced a great Jewish diaspora with persecutions and tribulations: the innocents and the sinners paid alike.
Now the Imperialist Yankees possibly killed Chavez, and chavismo will become stronger.
Brothers in the struggle, Venezuelans with patriotic conscience, the rest of the story will be written by us.

humberto perez said:

I have no doubt that the cancer suffered by our beloved comandante is very strange, there is no family history [of cancer] and they [the doctors] were not able to control it with anything, it’s impossible to get cancer in a natural way. I firmly believe that this illness was induced by a secret weapon.
The gringos will one day reveal the whole truth.

Javid imitola said:

They have had this as a secret for more than one hundred years. The deaths of my COMANDATE chávez, the death of BOLIVAR, the White House, as it calls itself, has billions of hidden crimes. They think we are stupid [pendejos].

Of the 17 comments published by January 2, 22:26, only one expresses reserves about the theory:

Juana margarita britos said:

The truth is I would like to read more about this research, it´s not all that clear to me.