Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Maduro: the right is again actively conspiring against the economy

During a national cadena yesterday, President Maduro warned that business unions FEDECAMARAS, CONSECOMERCIO, and VENANCHAM are still actively conspiring against the Venezuelan economy.

“Do not try to affect the economic life,” Maduro warned business owners. “This is something I ask to the top directors of FEDECAMARAS, to Jorge Roy, who is involved in all these [conspiracy] plans. To Mr. Roy, to the president of CONSECOMERCIO, to the director of VENANCHAM: You three are actively conspiring against the Venezuelan economy again. You must cease the conspiracy against the Venezuelan economy!” he declared.

The President also gave details of his objectives in the struggle against the economic war for this year:

“We need to start [the year] strengthening and giving new dynamism to the social model, and then this social model will progressively control the disorders produced by the economic war. At the same time we will correct the disturbances of the economy in the process of production and price fixing.”

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