Monday, January 27, 2014

Ultra-right pays criminal gangs with drugs to generate violence

Addressing followers yesterday at the Avenida Bolivar in Caracas, President Maduro repeated his theory that the media, and not the government, is to blame for the citizen’s insecurity in Venezuela: “Let us look at the real and deep causes that have generated the proliferation of criminal violence and how this violence has been turned into a spectacle by the tabloid press and by the whole show culture of Hollywood.” He stressed that “this is a central element because it is a causal element. It generates a counter values, anti-human, culture that becomes socialized and then becomes something we all practice.”

But he also proposed a different theory that puts the blame on the “ultra-right”. Maduro said he has informations that his recent “Pacification Plan” could be sabotaged by the “dangerous ultra-right” which in the following weeks “is planning to pay some criminal gangs with drugs so that they increase the level of violence and murders and revert the forces of peace that we are lifting up.”  

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