Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It was an inside job

This interesting article by Rafael Guillén Beltre was published by Aporrea on January 3.

It starts by mentioning the “intense debate” generated by the recent piece by the “famed journalist and investigative writer” Eva Golinger, who argues that President Chávez was an objective of the National Security Agency.

But the article by Guillén also states that Edward Snowden is “part of a sinister agenda [by the NSA] to increase the control of the nations of the world.” The way Snowden is part of that agenda is difficult to understand from the article, it seems related to the fact that the revelations made by Snowden are a necessary smokescreen to cover the real sins of the “perverse elite,” which according to Guillén include such things as: “sexual bestiality, participation in criminal mafias for illicit enrichment, assassination orders, evidence of human sacrifice rituals, pedophilia, zoosex, homosexuality, lesbianism, and a long etcetera of horrifying facts.”

Guillén is also convinced that Chávez was assassinated, not by “control remote” as some seem to think, but “with the participation of close collaborators, you have read correctly, he was assassinated by traitors close to him.”

Knowing that he is facing high risks by making these revelations, Guillén shows no fear and challenges the traitor inside the government: “I challenge you! Come and get me you cowards!”

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