Monday, July 12, 2021

Opposition leaders behind violence in Caracas


Clashes between criminal gangs and government security forces erupted on June 7 th and continued for two days in the barrios around the Cota 905 and El Cementario.

Nicolas Maduro explains the events as part of a plot to generate chaos in the country: exiled in Spain opposition leader Leopoldo López is directly “conducting and coordinating the attacks by criminal gangs,” said Maduro. He has instructed his Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, to convey the evidence of López' role in the events to Spanish authorities.

The funding and planning for these actions against the humble Venezuelan people are coordinated from Madrid,” also declared Maduro.

Other pieces of the plot are coordinated from Colombia, according to Maduro: “From Colombia, these terrorist are sent to destabilize Venezuela, in the next few hours we will be showing the evidence of this articulation with the ultra-right to unleash violence and cause a civil war between Venezuelans.”

Expect arrest and filmed confessions of Colombian citizens living in the area.

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