Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Maduro: not government’s policies but the Economic War is responsible for economic crisis

President Maduro presided today over the induction ceremony for the newly established PSUV’s “Commission for the Transition to the Socialist Economic Model and the Struggle against the Economic War”.

“The Economic War is the main mode of war against the revolution,” said Maduro.

According to the President, the team in charge of the struggle against the Economic War, headed by the Superintendent of Fair Prices, Andrés Eloy Méndez, “will dismantle, in a battle which will go on for several years, the forms the Economic War takes against the revolutionary model.”

“The capitalists, the dominant bourgeoisie, and the Empire, have resorted to the Economic War as their main form of fighting in order to dismantle and create chaos in Venezuela’s social life,” explained Maduro.

He also made clear that his government is not responsible for the Venezuela’s economic crisis: “There are still Venezuelans who are confused and believe that the problem is that Maduro has made mistakes in his economic policies. Is Maduro the problem? No. What about the economic war, the smuggling, the extraction of goods. The Right refuses to condemn [the economic war] because they are part of it. And what about the wave of price speculation, the hoarding of products, the international attacks against the accounts of the Republic? Where do they come from?”

Maduro stressed that he will not give in to “neoliberal pressure form the Right, from the capitalists,” to change his economic policies. He also said that his government will not deregulate the prices of basic goods or “liberalize” the exchange control system.

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