Monday, June 15, 2015

Who believes in the economic war?

Today the web page Prodavinci has published and interview by Víctor Salmerón with Luís Vicente León from DATANALISIS.

The latest poll by DATANALISIS shows that only 9.3% of those surveyed blame the private sector for food scarcity, while 50% blame the government.

This is Luís Vicente León’s interpretation:

“The government is suffering from the consequences of having used for a long time arguments [to explain scarcity] that are not the real causes: when you resort to arguments such as the economic war, you divide the population between those who believe you and those who don’t. But if the problem continues, you start to be seen as inept. That is: either the economic war is real, or you are not capable of resolving it. This is why the population considers the government, and Maduro, responsible for the scarcity of goods. The people are not buying the story of the economic war.”

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