Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Venezuelan Birthers active again

Opposition leaders claiming that Nicolás Maduro was really born in Colombia and not in Venezuela, and therefore is unfit for the post of President, have been again active in recent months.

The claims include suggestions that the Venezuelan government has been conspiring to erase the evidence of the president’s alleged real birth place.

In March 2015, the National Assembly deputy Walter Márquez reported the findings of his investigations in Colombia. Márquez said that Maduro’s birth certificate in Venezuela was a forged document, and that the president had also lied about the birth place of his mother, claiming that she was born in Rubio (Venezuela), when she was really born in Cúcuta (Colombia).

This week, opposition leader Pablo Medina declared that the death certificate of Maduro’s mother is also a forgery. He also claimed that registration book, where he claims should be the “real” birth certificate of the president showing that he was born in Colombia, has mysteriously disappeared from its archive in La Candelaria, Caracas. 

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