Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Maduro: Trump could be behind the Plaza Catia attack

During the plebiscite organized by the Venezuelan opposition on July 16, a group of suspected pro-government armed groups attacked one of the voting centers in plaza Catia, Caracas. As a result of the attack one woman died and at least three more people were wounded.

President Maduro has hinted at the possibility that the “US Department of State and Donald Trump” could be behind the attack in Catia. His suspicions are based on the second paragraph of a press release published by the Department of States on July 17, a day after the plebiscite.

“…we condemn the loss of life in Catia, Caracas and deplore the violence. We call on the Venezuelan government to bring the attackers to justice,” says the second paragraph of the statement.

“This is a very delicate and strange paragraph in this statement,” explained Maduro, “we are now investigating the reason for this second paragraph. Donald Trump and the Department of State concerned with Catia? What is this about? (…) What importance could plaza Catia have had for the failed imperialist strategy?”

“How far can a conspiracy go in preparing false flags (falsos positivos) and massacres? How far does the hand of the US embassy reach into the massacre attempts that have been staged in Venezuela in the last one hundred days?” Maduro also asked.

To answer these questions the president has asked Venezuela’s “highest authorities” to mount a full investigation “in order to concentrate our efforts, and to integrate all the institutions, in the task of clearing this strange and unique expression in the second paragraph by the Department of State, naming plaza Catia.”

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