Saturday, June 16, 2018

Colombian Government Planning a War against Venezuela

“A series of military incidents and provocations are being prepared by the Colombian government of Juan Manuel Santos, from the Colombian territory and inside the Venezuelan territory, in order to generate an armed conflict between Colombia and Venezuela,” Maduro told National Bolivarian Armed Forces officers yesterday during a ceremony.

The Venezuelan armed forces should therefore be on guard, Maduro said: “I ask you, military officers of Venezuela, to raise your guard, be on the alert all along the Colombia-Venezuelan border. Operational Strategic High Command, take all the intelligence, counter-intelligence and logistical measures to nullify any provocation or incident that the outgoing Colombian government would like to leave behind as a rotten pot  against the Colombian Venezuelan relations.”

Maduro also asked the Colombian security forces not to be part of its government plot: “From here I send a message to the Colombian military, to the Colombian police forces, not to lend themselves to the dirty dealings [marramucias], the traps that the outgoing Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos wants to leave incubating: a military conflict, doing the errand for the North American Imperialism against the independent and sovereign Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. I trust you, Colombian military, not to lend yourselves to a conflict between brothers.”      

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