Monday, February 24, 2014

Truth Commission to be formed, but Maduro already announces the results

As expected, President Maduro’s interview yesterday on Telesur was a detailed account of his conspiracy theory explaining recent protests in Venezuela.

Here are some quotes from the interview illustrating the official narrative of events:

“This is not just another conspiracy campaign or another guarimba (street protest), it is a continued coup d’état, which has been decided by the power circles of the United States, in cahoots with the business leaders of Venezuela, and directed and conducted on the streets by part of the Venezuelan extreme right.”

“All in the opposition know about this plan, all the business leaders of the country, many of them have been secretly selling their assets. But they have not been able to do this because the people have been able to defeat them.

“They (the opposition) are trying, through a campaign of lies and manipulations, with a lot of money from outside the country and supported by the power brokers of the United States, to lead our country to an internal civil war, of violence against our people.

“They are financing the coup d’état from Colombia, they are training fascists groups, what they want is to inoculate us with hatred, mutual hatred among Venezuelans, and thus lead us to a confrontation, so that we will kill each other. They want to break the unity of the Armed Forces, to break the civic-military union, and take us to the brink of a United States intervention.”

Maduro ended the interview calling for the formation of an independent “Truth Commission” which would investigate recent events. However he also announced the future results of the Commission's report: “Research all this violence, all the denunciations of the on-going coup d’état, all the international and national lies, so that we can unearth this monster that has been activated in order to justify a foreign intervention in Venezuela.”  

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