Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Carvajal’s arrest in Aruba plotted by Uribe and the Empire

The arrest in Aruba of General Hugo Carvajal was plotted by Colombian ex-president Álvaro Uribe, according to president Maduro.

After Carvajal’s release Maduro declared that the general had been arrested using a “false file put together during the government of Alvaro Uribe, as we will prove in the next days. It was all a false positive organized by the mafia boss Uribe.”

Thursday will be the day, according to Maduro, in which evidence will be released of a plot to “ambush our compañero, with the aim of smearing the reputation of the events which are taking place in our continent, and to blackmail the military of our country.”

General Carvajal is a retired general who has been accuse by the US treasury of drug trafficking and of adding the Colombian FARC. He was appointed Venezuelan Council to Aruba and arrested there on 23 July before receiving diplomatic recognition by the island authorities. He was released on 27 July on a court order from the Netherlands stating the Carvajal enjoyed diplomatic immunity. Aruba’s attorney general denounced however that the island had suffered “economic and military” pressures from Venezuela.

During the commemorations of 60 birthday of Hugo Chávez on 28 July, Maduro reminded followers of the day 60 years ago that had witness the birth “of a prophet that came to break with time and to open a new historical era,” and also of “the battles we have had to fight; the attacks from imperialism and its lackeys around the world, that have tried to defeat the moral and political force of the Bolivarian Revolution, as they have tried to do against general Hugo Carvajal.”

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