Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sixteen international calls

In the continuation of the trial against opposition leader Leopoldo López for allegedly instigating violence during February 2014, the Public Prosecutor’s office has presented what it considers a crucial piece of evidence: During February 12, the day the protests started, López received 18 calls in his cellular phone, 16 of which were international calls.

The Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias does not comment on why exactly receiving international calls would amount to evidence of the crimes López is accused (arson, damage, public instigation, and association to commit crime), but seems to imply that the calls are proof that López was receiving instructions from abroad.

Previous “evidence” against López presented during the trial includes a 113 page report titled “Peritaje de análisis discursivo y prosódico” written for the prosecution by Rosa Amelia Asuaje Léon. The Prosecutors claim that the report shows the use by López of “subliminal messages” instigating violence during his discourses on February 12 and after. 

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