Sunday, July 5, 2015

Diosdado Cabello is preparing a power transition

Here is an interesting theory by María Peña in an article published by the anarchist news-paper El Libertario.

Peña discusses the reasons behind the recent meetings of the President of the National Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, with Lula Da Silva, Thomas Shannon, and Fidel and Raúl Castro.

She concludes with the following two paragraphs:

“Our hypothesis is as follows: Cabello is being worked-up [siendo trabajado] to become the man for the transition in chavismo, and he has already received the approval of the de facto powers that exert the most influence over Venezuela (USA, Cuba, and Brazil). Within the terminal crisis of hegemonic chavismo, Cabello has enough force to negotiate with sectors of the opposition its coexistence in power spaces, and thus also negotiate the impunity and survival of the most pragmatic –and corrupt – part of chavismo. In this context the scapegoat and the political looser is Maduro, and some of the main figures around him.

“We are not conspiracy paranoids by making this prediction. Politics is what it is…”

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