Monday, July 20, 2015

Jorge Mier Hoffman. The death of a conspiracy theorist sparks more theories from all sides

In July 17 Jorge Mier Hoffman was murdered while resisting a robbery attempt in the island of Margarita.

Mier Hoffman was a systems computer analyst and prolific author with more than 15 books, most of them on what he believed were the mysterious circumstances surrounding Simón Bolivar’s death.

He wrote a long running blog on “Archaeoastronomy,” defined by him as the “distancing oneself from the traditional concepts, in order to interpret the enigmas and mysteries that have yet to be revealed by scientific methods.”

He also claimed to be the founder of the new science of “Bolivarianology,” over which he wrote another blog and defined as the “science specialized in discovering the incommensurable legacy of this Venezuelan [Bolivar] of universal fame, and who is the only person in 13 thousand years to have received the title of LIBERTADOR!!!”

His books were quoted by President Chávez to support his theory that Bolivar did not die of tuberculosis, as mainstream historians claim, but instead was murdered by his enemies (see the two videos below).

In June 2010 Chávez order the exhumation of the remains of Bolivar in order to carry out tests to verify the “real” causes of his death. The results of the tests were “inconclusive.” Chávez however still maintained that he was convinced Bolivar had been murdered by his enemies. Quoting Mier Hoffman, Chávez claimed that Bolivar had been assassinated because he had “clashed with the Empire of the North,” by sending Venezuelan troops to help in the liberation of the “Republic of Florida.” (See video below)
In an article published by Aporrea, Juan Martorano, claims that Mier Hoffman had a big influence on his own research on the “assassination of the Liberator of our Latino-Caribbean [nations] in this twenty-first century: The Giant Hugo Chávez Frías.”

Martorano also argues that, after the exhumation of Bolivar’s remains, Mier Hoffman remained unconvinced of the test results and alleged that the samples had been tampered with, “so that we would never know the truth, because it affects very powerful interests.”

“The death of Chávez,” continues Martorano, “was used to hide the truth and to uphold the lie of the National Pantheon. A lie that would finally be exposed in the [unpublished] third part of ‘La Carta’ [on of Mier Hoffman’s book], which would finally reveal the evidence [of Bolivar’s assassination,] known by Chávez himself, and all the details of Mier’s investigations…”

Mantorano concludes: “I apologize if I seem paranoid, but I have a strong feeling that Jorge Mier Hoffman was murdered because he touched certain interests. (…) The historic class enemy is an expert in committing these types of crimes and to make them seem common crimes, or accidents.”

But from the opposition side a different theory is being proposed. The web page DolarToday has published a text claiming that Mier Hoffman’s death is rated to the “profanation” of the grave of Simón Bolivar, which he allegedly inspired by asking in one of his books for the exhumation of his remains.

“The Curse of Bolivar,” has already affected several participants in the famous exhumation affair, claims the text: “Those who are direct or indirect accomplices of the profanation of the grave of the Liberator Simón Bolivar, have had the misfortune of suffering horrendous deaths.”

This is the list of those affected so far by the curse according to the text -it seems to be a list of people related to the government who died after the exhumation, most where not actually present at the event-: Alberto Muller Rojas, Luís Tascón, Guillermo García Ponce and Hugo Chávez, all died of cancer; William Lara died in car accident; Lina Ron died of a heart stroke; José Ignacio Meléndez Anderson was murdered while resisting a robbery; Clodosvaldo Russian died of a stroke; and finally, Mier Hoffman was murdered last week.


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