Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Economic war: more power to the military

There is only one way, according to president Maduro, to defeat the economic waged by the Empire and its local lackeys against Venezuela, by giving almost total powers over the economy to the military.

“The time has come, military brothers” said Maduro yesterday, “the time has come, compatriots, to win the unconventional war, by using production, work, peace, and the establishment of a new social and economic order, based on the culture of work and with one objective: solidarity, coexistence, peace, social happiness, in one word, socialism.”

This new order, explained the president, “is a virtuous system which will replace the savage and capitalist chaos imposed by parasitic factors of commercial capitalism, which have done so much harm to our people and our country.”

To lead in the construction of this new order, Maduro has named the Minister of Defense, general Vladimir Padrino López, as the commander of the new Great Mission for Sovereign and Secure Supply, which will be in charge of all matters related to production and supply in the country. Padrino López has been granted powers to make economic decisions in “real time”, and will respond solely to the also new Presidential Military Command, headed by Maduro.

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