Monday, July 18, 2016

Non-conventional warfare trending topic

The hashtag #GuerraNoConvencional is number one Twitter trending topic today in Venezuela. Among much re-twitted items are four infographics explaining what the Venezuelan government says is a non-conventional warfare being waged against the country by its enemies.

The seven phases of the non-conventional warfare are described in the first infographic. In the first phase, the resistance (the opposition), with the support of the United States “conducts the psychological preparation of the population against the stablished government.” Following phases are conducted by Special Forces of the United States infiltrated in the country. They train “resistance cadres” which will conduct the final phases of “minimum combat” (I think they mean guarimba street protest by this.)

The second infographic explains several aspects and actors of the non-conventional warfare. “Imperialism” seems to be the dominant figure here. It coordinates everything form Colombian paramilitaries, infiltrated by “sectors of the national ultra-right” in order to commit crimes and terrorist actions, to local scarcity of basic products and sabotage of the electric grid. Included in this vast conspiracy controlled by the Empire are CNN and the “Bogota-Madrid-Miami axis.”

Infographics 3 and 4 deal specifically with the economic war. Parasitic business are linked to inflation and hoarding. Also, fracking and the black market dollar are thrown into the conspiracy equation. “Venezuela is the victim of a plan to internally sabotage the production and distribution of regulated food product,” is explained in the last picture.


These four images summarize a conspiracy of truly vast proportions, linking local and international actors of enormous power, capable of producing inflation, scarcity of basic product, street protests, electric blackouts, and common crime.     

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