Tuesday, March 13, 2018

UN Leftist Conspiracy in Support of Maduro

Another one from the opposition:

Monica Corrales (@monicacorrales) warns in this video that we need be aware that the “international left” has been very cunning in infiltrating international organizations with its cadres. The current Secretary-general of the United Nations, António Guterres, is one of these infiltrated cadres, according to Corrales. The evidence for this is Guterres’ militancy in the Portuguese Socialist Party and his friendship with Brazil’s ex-president Lula da Silva.

Terrifying consequences ensue for Venezuela. The most obvious, for Corrales, is that Guterres is using his experience as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in 2005 to push for the creation of humanitarian camps for Venezuelan refugees in Brazil and Colombia. These camps, argues Corrales, apart from being big business, would imply “the long-term recognition of the Maduro regime” and would incite a “massive exodus” from Venezuela. Even worse, the exodus could be the tool by which the Venezuelan government would infiltrate its neighbors with “Islamic terrorists”.

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