Monday, July 9, 2018

People’s Army and Prolonged Popular War

Ruling socialist party (PSUV) leader and pro-government Constitutive Assembly member Pedro Carreño believes that, in the case of a conflict with the United States “or Colombia,” the new “military doctrine” of Venezuela should be “the war waged by all the people.”

Carreño says he has a proposal to “integrate the party (PSUV) to the prolonged popular war. [There are] 13,682 Bolívar-Chávez Battle Units (UBCH), each UBCH will form a platoon.” The UBCH are the electoral mobilization units of the PSUV.

Carreño offered himself as one of the leaders of this new people’s army: “I call all patriots to look at themselves in the mirror of Sadam Hussein and Gadhafi. We the leaders need to set the example of suffering and restlessness and tell the world that our luck is bound to the luck of the people.”

On the economic war front, Carreño declared that inflation in Venezuela is “totally induced,” and therefore the country needs to take “war actions.” These actions would be directed against the Web portal dolartoday:

Comandante Chávez left us [armed forces] with excellent electronic war units to hack all dolartoday and similar pages, which generate an increase in the Dollar-Bolívar reference. […] We need to inoculate them with a thousand Trojans.”    

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