Saturday, July 14, 2018

Plot to Assassinate Lacava

On July 6 the authorities of the Universidad de Carabobo publically asked the chavista governor of Carabobo State, Rafael Lacava, to take urgent actions to solve the security problems of the crime ridden campus of the university. “Mr. Governor Rafael Lacava, the university is calling you, as head of state of this region: the government is responsible for the security of the members of this school,” said Divo de Romero, the university’s rector.

The next day governor Lacava answered in a video posted via Twitter (@rafaellacava10) in which he accused Divo, and the secretary of the university, of being “thieves.” He also promised the students of the university that he would take back the school from the current authorities. “There will soon be surprises,” added the governor.

On July 11, Divo said she had been taken by police officers to the regional headquarters of the SEBIN (Bolivarian Intelligence Service) and questioned about her participation in an alleged plot to topple the government of Nicolas Maduro and to assassinate governor Lavaca and his family.

Divo denied being part of any such conspiracy and was released the same day.

The Venezuelan Association of University Rectors (AVERU) published a statement denouncing the “harassment and political persecution by SEBIN of which rector Jessy Divo has been victim.”

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