Sunday, November 22, 2020

Socialist Conspiracy in the United States. Dimas Ibarra: Accept it's a real thing...

Dimas Ibarra, a Venezuelan writer for Cambio16, explains in this article that the first step to stop the socialist take over of the United States is to accept the possibility of a socialist conspiracy. His evidence? None. But Ibarra believes that the study of propaganda and counter-propaganda efforts of the Cold War may reveal similar strategies today.

He mentions Yuri Bezmenov, a journalist, soviet informant for the KGB who defected to Canada in the 70s and wrote extensively about soviet spying and propaganda. Ibarra thinks that the soviet propaganda strategy exposed by Bezmenov is being applied today by a socialist conspiracy. The phases of this conspiracy are: first, demoralization, this can take up to 20 years and mainly targets young people through education, making them critical of established “power structures, laws, religion, and way of life”; second, destabilization, which would take five years but, according to Bezmenov as quoted by Ibarra, could take less time because the “Marxits-Leninst control over the economy and defense in the United States was [already] fantastic” (No idea what he means by this); and third, crisis and normalization, which would ensue after “people in the United States are promised paradise on earth, the economy is destabilized and the principles of free market are eliminated.”

Believe or not in Bezmenon,” says Ibarra, you have to accept that his claims coincide with the “cultural subversion” the United States “suffered” during the sixties: “hippies, the Vietnam War, and open field musical festivals lasting for several days.” More possible evidence that the socialist plot is under way include: the fact that Bernie Sanders almost became Democratic candidate and the presence of Kamala Harris in Biden's ticket; and the fact that it's no coincidence that universities have been “most resistant” to Trump, as higher education is one of the targets of the demoralization strategy described by Bezmenov.

Fortunately, Ibarra has sound advice for countering the socialist conspiracy: “we need to unite sectors of society not yet permeated by idiologization. The latest elections in the United States and the Republican resistance give us a hint of the resources we can count on. (…) The defense of the United States culture and tradition are a priority...”

Dimas Ibarra has also approvingly written about Rudy Giulianis latest conspiracy theories (here and here.)

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