Sunday, December 28, 2014

Acuerdos Secretos

The final days of the year 2014 have seen the polemical selection of authorities to the Citizen’s Power, the Electoral Power, and 15 judges to Venezuela’s highest court (TSJ). The Constitution stablishes those selections to be made by a qualified two thirds majority vote in Congress, however the government has managed to reinterpret the Constitution and the authorities have been selected by the simple majority vote of the pro-government parties (The electoral authorities were named by the TSJ after the congress failed to reach an agreement in three attempts).

The most radical opponents have taken to twitter to denounce a “secret agreement” between the opposition coalition Mesa de la Unidad (MUD) and the government for the selection of the authorities (See retweets by @PacoDeMiranda).

What the MUD stand to win from the supposed agreement is not made clear, but the most radical wing to the opposition has often argued that the MUD is in cahoots with the government, calling the MUD the “official opposition” and “collaborationists”.

A recurrent theme of these radical opponents is their frustration with what they consider to be Capriles and the MUD’s lack of courage to defend a supposed victory over Maduro in the April 2013 presidential election, which they claim was fraudulently stolen by the Electoral Council, possibly conspiring with the MUD. Evidence of this conspiracy would be the “willingness” of the MUD leaders to sit with Maduro in the failed negotiation round tables last year.

They therefore distrust both government and MUD and actively call on the opposition followers to abstain from future elections and to “take to the streets” [calle y más calle] until the government falls.

For example listen to this audio presentation by Dr. Ludwig Moreno on the ongoing “electoral fraud”.

And here are some tweets from these past days:

Yo si soy anti-MUD y X lo tanto ANTI-CASTRO-CHAVISTA-MADURISTA alla los guiseros
Realmente la MUD cree que la salida de este desastre es a través de las eleciones parlamentarias? Seguiremos esperando el tiempo de Dios...
Me opongo al gobierno, me opongo a la MUD y me opongo a cualquier elemento político que continúe con el mismo sistema que tenemos
Debemos estar claros:Oposición esta mas unida q nunca en el objetivo d derrocar al regimen, aquellos q hablan de elecciones NO son oposición
No es que la MUD sea inútil, la MUD fue, es, y será útil al castrocomunismo en la exVzla.
Votar por Capriles es votar por el PSUV
¿Cómo hago para hacer entender a un montón de gente que YO NO SOY DE LA MUD... Creo que son tan co-responsables de la crisis como la PSUV...
¿Se acuerdan de los que defendían el diálogo? Ahí tienen su pacto pues con el Gobierno. Sigamos esperando el tiempo de Dios

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