Sunday, December 7, 2014

International Financial World Blockade against Venezuela

In an interview in Telesur yesterday, president Maduro warned of “an international plan to finish off Venezuela.” 

According to Maduro, the economic crisis the country is facing is not due to the government’s policies, but to “an imperialist plan to destroy the Bolivarian Revolution.”

These “difficulties [faced] by Venezuela come not from natural causes, they are [designed] to generate social irritation (…) the collapse of an independent Venezuela in the twenty first century. (…) They respond to imperialist sectors that think they can do to us what they did to Allende,” explained Maduro.

The imperialist plot against Venezuela would include, according to the president, an “international financial blockade” of the country.

Maduro sees evidence of this plan in the fact that “international risk evaluation agencies are putting Venezuela as one of the riskiest countries in the world.” This, said Maduro, “does not respond to economic financial logic, instead it responds to a strategy.”  As a result of the strategy “Venezuela today is facing impossible conditions to access credit lines.”

Maduro also informed that his government is in the process of revising relations with the United States because, he explained, interventionism by the US embassy in Caracas is “becoming intolerable.”

“I am evaluating our relations with the United States. (…) At the right time, I will justly explain to our Fatherland the actions I am being forced to take to defend the dignity, the peace, and the Constitution. (…) I have plenty of information of the interventionism by the United States embassy. (…) They [the US] are trapped by their failed policy of trying to destabilize Venezuela and of keeping operators in the political and financial areas, moving around and doing things against the Venezuelan Government, this is all regrettable,” lamented Maduro.

(Image Telesur)

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