Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Oil war against Russia and Venezuela

Maduro explained yesterday that the collapse of oil prices in the last months is not caused by market forces but it is instead part of an economic war waged by the Empire against Russia and Venezuela.

“We are in an economic war,” insisted Maduro, “nobody should fool himself about it. The bourgeoisie, together with its imperial allies, have decided to destroy the Bolivarian Revolution through and economic war.”

The Agencia Venezolana de Noticias (AVN) reports that: “President Nicolás Maduro warned of the economic war lead by the North-American Empire against the oil market that seeks to end Russia, which has become a power of peace, and [this economic war] ‘also wants to destroy Venezuela.’”

“There is an oil war and it has one objective,” further explained Maduro,” to collapse Russia, destroy Russia, and it also will try to destroy Venezuela.”

“This is a planned war that wants to re-colonialize Venezuela, trough actions for the destruction of our independence and our revolution by fomenting the economic collapse. The Venezuelan oligarchic right is also conspiring with those plans,” said Maduro.

He also included as part of the plot the “undermining of the institutionally of the country, by blocking the designation of new authorities of Public Powers [in Congress].”

As evidence of his claims of an “oil war” conspiracy, Maduro reminded that “the attack against oil producing countries has been a recurrent strategy by the United States, as has been demonstrated during the economic sabotage of Venezuela in 2002, the military invasion of Iraq in 2003, and of Libya in 2011.”

(Image AVN)

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