Thursday, December 4, 2014

Economic War will be defeated in 2015 with conucos

President Maduro explained yesterday that the economic war he claims is being waged against Venezuela by the opposition will continue in 2015. But he also claimed that next year his government will launch a “demolishing offensive” that will “defeat the economic war promoted by the Venezuelan right.”

“We have so far managed to neutralize some elements of the economic war, but in 2015 we have to put all our bets [jugar completicas] in getting rid of these apátridas (without fatherland, the opposition) and in making our country an articulated and productive country and a new economy,” declared Maduro.

To achieve this victory in the Economic War, Maduro proposed that the new productive economy should be based in the proliferations and industrialization of the conuco (traditional subsistence farms): “One, conuco, two conucos, three… until we reach the agro-industrial and exporting [levels].”

(Image AVN)

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