Monday, January 19, 2015

More Socio-psychology of the economic war

Not only Hinterlaces is resorting to psychological jargon to explain the “economic war”. Telesur is promoting this video via its twitter account of a “psychologist and analyst of human behavior” explaining what is really behind the long lines to buy basic goods in supermarkets.

According to the analyst the lines (colas) are “a strategy of war, a strategy of emotional destabilization, [aimed at] emotional fragility [to] brake your faith.”

The analyst assumes from the start that the scarcity that generates the lines is a creation of the opposition in order to produce protests. Like Hinterlaces, he is concern by the “neurosis” created by the long lines.

In a confusing diagnosis towards the middle of the video (1:36), the analyst seems unable to decide if the people lining up for basic products are either suffering from what he calls “anguish neurosis,” “hysterical neurosis,” or “phobias.”

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