Monday, January 5, 2015

USA is seeking to destroy OPEC countries

On Sunday president Maduro informed that he will travel to several OPEC member countries in the next days, in order to lead an international campaign to denounce the United States for attempting to destroy the economies of oil producing countries by flooding the markets with oil and gas produced through “fracking” techniques.

Maduro said that he wanted to reestablish the “natural” markets and prices for oil and gas.

“We have to inform our people, and the peoples of the world, that they [the United States] have their national objectives, but also have [other] objectives also that they are seeking to accomplish through the war and occupation of Iraq, a big oil producer and member of OPEC, through threats against Iran, […] and against Venezuela. They have tried to topple us [the Venezuelan government] so they can put their hands [on our resources], so they can hand over political power to the North-American transnationals, and control our oil and the oil of other countries,” explained Maduro.  

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