Sunday, April 12, 2015

Maduro to Obama: end war against Venezuela

In his presentation at the Summit of the Americas in Panama, President Nicolás Maduro asked U.S. president Barack Obama to “dismantle the machinery of psychological, political, economic, and military war” he claims the United States is waging form its embassy in Caracas against Venezuela.

He also asked president Obama to “take all legal measures to put an end to the conspiracy plans of the Venezuela ultra-right, plotted from Miami and New York.” Maduro claimed that he had evidence of what he said was plot to assassinate him which had been financed from New York.

Maduro also requested Obama that he repeal his executive order sanctioning seven Venezuelan officials, and to “respect the independence and sovereignty of Venezuela and the socialist and Bolivarian revolution” as prerequisites for reestablishing diplomatic relations between the two countries.

President Obama was not present in the session at the time Maduro delivered his requests, but the two leaders met briefly afterwards on the sidelines of the Summit.

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