Thursday, December 5, 2013

Economic terrorism denounced by Venezuela at the WTO meeting in Bali

Venezuelan Commerce Minister Alejandro Fleming informed via twitter that Vice-Minister for Commerce, William Cañas, at the Ninth Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization in Bali, has denounced the “economic war” waged by the opposition against Venezuela.

Fleming (@Alefleming) wrote: “Venezuela denounces at the WTO (Indonesia) the use of economic terrorism as a weapon of political destabilization.”

In his intervention William Cañas declared: “there is a gigantic economic conspiracy directed by the North American Empire with the aim of imposing in Venezuela, through means outside the institutions, a political-economic model. The counter revolution [opposition] considers this is the right moment for enacting an economic war. (…) The economic war is an instrument of the political war which has the objective of disrupting the [normal] functioning of the economy until it is destroyed. Its ultimate aim is to make the country ungovernable through the destabilization of political and social life, by denying food, goods, and basic services to the population and thus finally inducing a change of political regime.”  

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