Sunday, December 22, 2013

New arrest related to magnicidio plot made in Colombia

In August this year Interior and Justice Minister Rodriguez Torres announced that two Colombian nationals had been arrested near Caracas. According to Rodriguez Torres the two were the last link of an elaborate plot by the Venezuelan “right”, Venezuelan exiles in Miami, Colombian ex-President Uribe Vélez, and Roger Noriega, to assassinate Nicolas Maduro and Diosdado Cabello. Rodriguez Torres informed that the arrest had been made with the collaboration of Colombian police services and that more detentions would be made in Colombian territory.

This last week a new arrest related to the case was in fact made in Colombia. Alejandro “Scooby” Salcedo was detained in Antioquia charged with being the accomplice of the two men arrested in Venezuela in August. However, according to the chief of Bogota´s Metropolitan Police, Édgar Sánchez, Slacedo has confessed that group planned to travel to Venezuela in order to steal from a wealthy unidentified family of money lenders, and not to commit “magnicidio” against Maduro or Cabello as the Venezuelan authorities have repeatedly claimed.  

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