Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Maduro: Opposition sniper shot down a power line

According to President Maduro the power outage that affected most of Venezuela in early December was a sabotage act by the opposition.

Yesterday, during the ceremonies commemorating the 183 anniversary of the death of Bolívar, Maduro declared that “days before the [December 8] elections [the opposition] took down a transmission line. It has all been proven. With a single shot they blow up a key line and left the country without electricity.”
According to El Universal, Justice and Interior Minister Miguel Rodríguez had already last week proposed  the idea that a sniper could be behind the blackout: “I have been thinking on hypothesis: a single shot. A shot fired from 50 meters away by a good sniper, at a cable that is 3 centimeters thick, it’s very easy. It was a clean cut.”

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