Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Opposition blamed for latest blackout

A power blackout hit last night most of the country including Caracas, which was left without electricity for more than an hour, form 8:10pm to 9:30pm.

As in the previous massive blackout in September this year, and prior to investigations, the government has been quick to accuse the opposition of sabotaging the electric grid.

President Maduro declared right after the event that he had information that the opposition had planned violent actions to be sparked by the blackout: “I have intelligence information that in three areas of the country guarimbas [violent opposition protests] were being organized. It´s very strange that right after the blackout some people went out to burn tires.” He added that State security agencies have been put in maximum alert in the case of “possible attacks by the Venezuelan right.”

“Our people do not deserve this new sabotage. They don’t deserve this from the fascist right that wants to leave our people without electricity,” complained Maduro.

Electric Energy Minister Jesse Chacón gave details of why the government believes this recent blackout is also an act of sabotage. He declared that an electricity conductor that had become detached from the transmission line 765, could not had done so by natural causes and that therefore the blackout had been “provoked.”

Minister Chacón had claimed in November this year that the National Electric System was now “bulletproof” (blindado) against any attack form “the right”. But he also warned that the opposition would try to sabotage the upcoming municipal elections by “producing” blackouts.

Via twitter, General Attorney Luisa Ortega Díaz (@lortegadiaz), seconded the sabotage accusations made by Maduro and Chacón. She promised a “criminalistics investigation” into the event and wrote: “As Attorney General I will not allow that events against the wellbeing and tranquility of Venezuelans remain unpunished.”  

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