Saturday, November 30, 2013

Concern for Posthumous Human Rights of Comandante Chávez

The leader of the group Guardianas de Chávez, National Assembly representative Rosa León (PSUV), announced today that her group will gather signatures in several cities for a petition, addressed to “the competent agencies,” to “investigate the causes that took away the life of the Leader of the Bolivarian Revolution Hugo Chávez.”

The day for the signatures gathering drive has been set for December 10, UN Human Rights Day: An appropriate date, according to Rosa León, since “the Comandante was deprived of his right to live, and not only that, but time is passing and he is now being [posthumously] deprived of his right to justice, as the investigation into the causes of his death has not been initiated.”

Time is crucial to protect the human rights of Chávez, considers Rosa León, because the “murderers could have already escaped, especially since the intellectual authorship [of the crime] came from the Empire.”

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