Monday, November 18, 2013

Jaua: Parallel Dollar is a Miami Conspiracy

Currency exchange houses and banks in the Colombian frontier city of Cúcuta freely transact with Venezuelan Bolívares and Colombian Pesos. Internet pages reporting the black market exchange rate Bolívares/Dollars only have to call these houses in Cúcuta to update the market value of the Bolivar Fuerte.

Not according to Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Elias Jaua: Yesterday he explained in a press conference that “the speculation phenomenon is produced by a ghost dollar that doesn’t really exist and that is ‘regulated’ by web pages that every day make up a different price. Shop owners then look at these pages and change the prices of their products according to the dollar that has been fixed by a conspiracy installed in Miami.”

According to Jaua this is all part of the “economic war” that was planned by the bourgeoisie during 14 years to remove the Revolution from power.

The government has so far blocked access from Venezuela to 50 web pages that reported the price of the “parallel Dollar” in Bolívares Fuertes.

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