Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Empire is using local union leaders in its economic war

In yesterday’s press conference President Maduro insisted in the main themes of his theory about an “economic war” being waged by the enemies of the Fatherland. The Empire, the “parasitic bourgeoisie”, “the trilogy of evil”, and the leaders of the local business unions FEDECAMARAS and VENAMCHAM, were all mentioned as actors of this war.

Maduro gave a few new details of this vast conspiracy he claims is behind the economic war. He informed that the US embassy officials ordered to leave the country early last month had gone to Bolivar state to “meet several leaders, one of those leaders was to be in charge of the general power blackout, they talked about it just like that, openly. Another leader was to infiltrate SIDOR [state steel industry], and according to our data they had co-opted two union leaders in order to stop it [SIDOR] indefinitely and to leave the country without steel. And yet another [agent] would co-opt people form the opposition and finance them.”

The public “Basic Industries” of the Guayana region have been the source of labor unrest and intermittent strikes since last year.

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