Tuesday, November 5, 2013

December 8 to be the official “Day of Loyalty and Love to Chávez”

As announced last week by President Maduro, The Day of Love and Loyalty to the Supreme Comandante Hugo Chávez and to the Fatherland, December 8, has been officially decreed by the government.

On December 8 last year, Chávez announced on national cadena, that he would be again traveling to Cuba for further treatment of his cancer. He also anointed Maduro as his successor if “any situation should arise that forces a new electoral process.”

The decree exhorts the Venezuelan People to “honor with their thoughts and actions” the work of Hugo Chávez. It also states that “Chávez achieved the transformation of Venezuela, which was covered by the shadows of Capitalism 20 years ago, and gave birth to a Fatherland full of hope.”

Significantly, the municipal elections will also be held on December 8. Last week Maduro had declared that the People should express their loyalty and love for Chávez by voting against the enemies the Fatherland who are sabotaging the Revolution.

Electoral propaganda is prohibited by law during elections day. However, according to El Universal, the decree states that on December 8 commemorations “exalting Chavez´s Bolivarian thought and to express the infinite love of the Venezuelan People for him” can be held.

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