Friday, November 15, 2013

Conspiracy theories and socialist art

Today’s press conference has just started minutes ago with President Maduro lamenting the coverage of Venezuela by international media: “It is biased and partial against our country. (…) You [international media] have made the world believe that there is chaos here. You don’t know what real chaos and violence are!”

Worth mentioning is the background artwork of the conference: Four paintings in the beautiful socialist realist style now favored by the government. 

Three of the paintings are within the frame of the camera. Between Minister Arreaza and Maduro, Chávez in deep though, with Bolivar as guiding figure in the back, and a planet, which the Comandante Eterno is presumably planning on saving from Capitalism. Next, Chávez giving instructions, also with Bolivar in the background, and a map of South America. The third painting,
partially covered by Minister Ramírez, is as a Kim IL Sung style portrait of Chávez under blue skies, saluting the People.

What is Chávez doing in the fourth picture? The camera does not yet show. Maybe later.

Here is a picture of the conference published by El Universal:

Update 16/11/2013: An image from AVN shows the fourth picture. It’s also Chávez, with a sombrero de cogollo:

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