Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New police officers will fight against right wing conspiracy

During the graduation ceremony of more than 5,000 police officers of the Universidad Experimental de la Seguridad (UNES), Interior and Justice Minister Miguel Rodríguez Torres told the new officers that their duty is to fight against “those who conduct operations to destabilize the country with political aims.”

“You [graduates] are going into active service in a historic moment for the Fatherland, a vital moment for the Bolivarian Revolution. At a time when the right, the forces of evil, want to achieve their bastardly political aims through violent means,” said Rodríguez Torres.

In his speech at the same ceremony, President Maduro added that the UNES should establish a research program on “economic crimes.” Research would focus on “the economic crimes we have been discovering every day and that have produced such indignation.”

Later in a television interview, Minister Rodríguez Torres also gave details of the conspiracy plans the police officers will have to face: “We cannot openly reveal who is conspiring against the country, but they are being permanently watched. We have the certainty that the conspiracy plans exist. (…) The conspiracy has always been the same one, what has changed through the years has been the methodology; this is why we have seen coups d’état, oil industry sabotages, events at Plaza Altamira; the [conspiracy] plans have evolved.”

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