Friday, November 29, 2013

Cuban Military Killed Chávez

Here is yet another twist to the theories about the death of Chávez made in Venezuela.

Someone by the name Anonymous Venezuela publishes this video claiming to show the recording of a meeting of Cuban militaries planning the Venezuelan post-Chávez transition.

A masked man with his voiced electronically dubbed presents the recording, and claims that the “ex-terrorist” Teodoro Petkoff and the whole of the MUD leadership, including Capriles and Leopoldo López, have known of this recording for a long time but have failed to make it public. The presenter argues that this shows that the opposition leadership is as corrupt and “perverted” as chavismo. Honorable exceptions are made for Diego Arias and Brazilian soothsayer Reynaldo do Santos, whom the presenter thanks for all the support they have given to Anonymous Venezuela.
The voices of three men with Cuban accents can be heard in the actual recording. They address each other with military ranks (“coronel” is heard at least twice,) but names are not audible. After discussing broad geopolitical differences with Venezuela (Cuba would like a Greater Socialist Cuba with Nicaragua and Venezuela as subsidiary territories, but Chávez seems to prefer a Greater Colombia along Bolivarian lines,) the participants agree that Chávez is not the right leader for the moment as he is not pliable enough to Cuba. Chávez should be therefore taken to the island for the final stages of his terminal illness (one of the participants suggests that the illness is not real and that it is something "they" have made Chávez believe.) The leading participant issues the order that once Chávez is out of the way, Diosdado Cabello should also be “dealt with” and that the end of Cabello would also mean the end of Capriles (“Two birds with one shot” he claims, although he doesn’t explain exactly why.) They all agree that the man to substitute Chávez is Nicolas Maduro because he is “docile” with Cuba. The meeting ends with the sound of a brief phone conversation between Raul Castro himself and the leader of the meeting: Castro asks if all the instructions have been made clear and the other man responds that all is in order.

(Thanks to Lissette González for the link)  


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