Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The National Electric System is Bulletproof

Minister of Electric Energy Jesse Chacón assured that the National Electric System is bulletproof (blindado) for the upcoming municipal elections of December 8. President has recently mentioned the possibility that the Venezuelan opposition could try to sabotage the elections by “producing” blackouts.

The Agencia Venezolana de Notocias frames the report on the declarations by Chacón squarely within the context of the existence of “sabotage by the right,” which it considers as proven fact and the cause of the blackout that hit the country on September 3, 2013. This is how AVN reports:

…after the sabotage of the electric system by the Venezuelan right, this past September 3, the protection and defense of the National Electric System has been strengthened in order to guarantee the [electric] service to the Venezuelan People.

After detailing several security measures taken by the government, Minister Chacón added that “against sabotage, [the only guarantee] is a society united and committed to the defense of the National Electric System.” 

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