Friday, November 1, 2013

The Twitter Conspiracy

Venezuela’s all powerful opposition has again used its total control of media to conspire against the Fatherland. President Maduro denounced yesterday that his account had lost 6,000 followers “in a matter of second.”

The Minister for Communication and Information Delcy Rodríguez later informed that more than 6,000 accounts of persons with links to the Venezuelan government and official accounts of government agencies had been suspended by Twitter. “This has been a massive attack. We have to announce it as such. (…) We have been using this tool [Twitter] to spread the truth of the Revolution and of our People,” declared Rodríguez. She also threatened Twitter with legal actions: “We will wait for their answer; we will meet them with our lawyers.”

The President of the National Assembly Diosdado Cabello claimed that the “attack by Twitter” is an attempt to “silence the voices of the revolutionaries in social networks.” Cabello argued that Twitter is controlled by “the right” because the network is supposedly directed in Venezuela by the son the former director of Globovision, Alberto Ravell. He also threatened “the right” with strong measures by government: “We will take measures because if they [the right] want to set the country on fire, they will have to set it on fire with us inside, because we are here to defend the country side by side with the People.”

Appropriately, President Maduro also used his Twitter account (@NicolasMaduro) to denounce the attack: “We have to take actions and denounce at all levels this cowardly attack of the fascist right against Venezuela and against social networks.”


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