Thursday, October 31, 2013

Maduro shows evidence of a new Chávez epiphany

Not really about conspiracy theories, but equally fun: President Maduro announced yesterday that a figure resembling Chavez’s face appeared in one of the walls of the construction tunnels of the new Caracas metro line:

“Look at this figure that made its apparition to the workers, you can talk to them if you like: it is a face, whose face? It is a gaze, it is a gaze staring at the Fatherland everywhere, even from these types of phenomena that have no explanation.”

Maduro explained that the workers in the tunnel had seen the figure days before at around 2 a.m. and took pictures with their cell phones, which they then took to Maduro. However the actual image has by now unfortunately disappeared: “the same way it appeared, it disappeared, but look, what everyone is saying is true, Chavez is everywhere, we are all Chávez,” added Maduro.

Here is the picture shown by Maduro on national television and published by El Universal:

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