Wednesday, October 30, 2013

We will have elections, even without electricity

In a public meeting yesterday with chavista candidates, President Maduro declared that the opposition is planning to prevent the December 8 municipal elections from happening by sabotaging the electric grid. However he assured that “We will have elections, even without electricity, let the People decide!”

Maduro also emphasized that his party, the PSUV, should cease in its “internal war” in the face of the “economic war” he claims the country is facing, and mentioned those he believes are behind for the plot: “Those directly responsible for the economic war plan are the owners and directives of FEDECAMARAS, CONSECOMERCIO, and VENANCHAMP. They are the faces of the economic war against the people, they are directly responsible,” he insisted.

What the “internal war” of the PSUV is about was not explained, but Maduro could be referring to internal struggles within chavismo for the candidacies to the upcoming municipal elections, and to criticism the party has received from its basis for the selections process of the candidates.

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