Thursday, October 3, 2013

Conspiracy theories as the official rhetoric

Conspiracies have become the official explanation for everything, from inflation to power outages. Here is a selection of quotes from declarations made yesterday (October 2) by public functionaries and elected representatives to the National Assembly, starting with President Maduro:

In a meeting with military high command, President Maduro insisted that the United States is conspiring to destabilize Venezuela: “It is an empire that says that the socialist model does not work, that conspires against us, do not doubt this for one second. To the Venezuelan brother or sister that sometimes doubts that there is a conspiracy against the fatherland o Bolivar; it’s time to wake up. (…) There is a permanent conspiracy against the stability of the country, against its security, this is a psychological war.”

The Executive Vice-President Jorge Arreaza, told chavista governors to become more involved in the struggle against the electric sabotage and the economic war: “Governors in their respective States will assume with all their strength the struggle against the bourgeoisie,” declared Arreaza.

Foreign Minister Elias Jaua informed that the Venezuelan government will continue its investigation on how the three expelled US diplomats were involved in acts of sabotage and “destabilization of the fatherland.” Future investigation will focus on the relation of the diplomats with local opposition groups: “Many of the opposition political actors that met with the embassy functionaries are in the map of the groups directly involved with destabilization factors, be they called economic sabotage, paralyzation of the basic industries or the disrespect of the Venezuelan electoral authorities.”

Deputy Soto Rojas, pro-government National Assembly representative, declared that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is in crisis because of the United States plans against Venezuela: “If we look at the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, its 39 articles have been violated by the United States and the European powers. (…) Since 2002 the political line of the North American Government has been to destabilize Venezuela and overthrow its government, now headed by Nicolás Maduro.” 

Deputy Julio Chávez, pro-government National Assembly representative, declared that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) should be expelled from Venezuela for the sake of stability and peace: “These [types] of organizations have been financing and stimulating plans, programs, and political parties and foundations, such as Primero Justicia and Súmate, so that they can develop their destabilization acts.” 

The Media Commission of the National Assemblywill convene the “revolutionary media” of the country to discuss, according to the Agencia Venezolana de Noticias, “how to stop the destabilization campaign generated by private media.” The President of the Media Commission, Julio Chávez, declared that “the private media generates anxiety and anguish [zozobra] among the population. They have become accomplices and key parts of the sabotage plans of the right.” 


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